Mongolian coal export to China surges

Coal-rich Mongolia exported 4.86 million tonnes of coal in February, surging 84.9% from 2.63 million tonnes in January, and up from 0.28 million tonnes in February 2016, showed data from the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia.

Exports of washed coking coal increased 31.55% from a month earlier to 0.43 million tonnes in February, while that of raw coking coal dropped 24.28% from January to 0.83 million tonnes.

Mongolia exported 0.66 million tonnes of thermal coal in the month, down 5.28% month on month.

In February, Mongolia produced 8.43 million tonnes of coal, increasing 490% year on year and up 55.28% month on month. Last year, the country's coal output increased 44.01% from a year ago to 35.19 million tonnes.

In February, coal sales increased 84.15% month on month to 6.66 million tonnes, with domestic sales up 82.07% from January to 1.8 million tonnes.