Memorandum of understanding cooperation with Shanghai international mining exchange

Memorandum of understanding cooperation with Shanghai international mining  exchange 

The mining sector development, and proper planning by the mining sector production and adding value to raw materials and semi-finished products for export and earn the final buyers of mineral products, and promoting alternative and mineral commodity prices in global markets in the world market price and the mineral exchange on draft measures aimed at attracting investment and / Mongolian mining exchange / mineral Exchange, Shanghai / Shanghai International mining exchange / memorandum of cooperation

Since the parties to achieve this goal is to do the following activities:

Shanghai excavations Mongolian mining industry to sell on resource exchange.
Each mineral resources should be established on the basis of mutual agreement
Mineral exchange is shipped to Shanghai presents minerals resource Securities Trading Limited.
Shanghai mineral exchanges sell mineral products offered Mongolian project funds will get investors
promote Mongolian sale of mineral products, mining,
Mongolian Government and the mining introduce measures to promote implementation of the projects the Ministry of Heavy Industry and funds to find investors,
protection of natural resources and adopt environmentally friendly policies
Mining project in investments Create a database

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